You never know where you are going to find love



I was a bit surprised to find it a party in London. At the time I was invited on a business date by another gent I had been dating for a while at Ealing escorts from, and before I knew it, I had fallen in love. When we first met, I was struck by his friendly nature and the easy way he seemed to chat to me. It was obvious that I was from an escort service, but he did not seem to mind at all. He did not even treat me as an escort and I was a little bit surprised, and wondered what was going on.

The boss of Ealing escorts likes us to give out business cards with our names written on the back. Most of the time, I do give them out with the contact details of Ealing escorts, but on this occasion, I took the opportunity to write my mobile number on the back. I explained that it was naughty of me, but the guy promised that he would not say anything at all. My gent who had arranged for me and the other girls to come around, just smiled. Had he done a bit of matchmaking?

Peter called a couple of days later, and asked me out on what he called a jeans and cinema date. I had not been to the cinema in ages, and I really looked forward to it. It felt nice to just put on a pair of jeans , jumper and jacket to go out on a date. Peter picked me up in his nice car, and we went off to the cinema to watch the latest installment of Star Wars. It was a great night out from Ealing escorts, and afterwards we went out for pizza.

I could have spent all night talking to Peter. We just seemed to have so much to say to each other, and I was not surprised to learn that Peter had grown up in a rather poor home in the East End of London. His mum had worked for an escorts service, and he said that he had no hang ups about me working for for Ealing escorts at all. It was not easy to get a job in London. Most importantly, it was clear that Peter wanted to see me again, and before I knew it, we were on our second date.

By that time, I was madly in love with this guy who bought me a dozen balloons. It was the most romantic thing someone had done for me. As I was training to be a nail technician at the time as well as working for Ealing escorts, my days were pretty packed and Peter often bought me a take away. It was just nice and thoughtful, and I really liked it. We have been together for six months and my life has changed a lot. Peter works hard but we do spend a lot of time together. Next month, I am going to hang put my stilettos in the back of the wardrobe. We have bought a nice little village house in Spain, and Peter has bought a motorhome. It is a serious change of lifestyle for both of us, but we are very much looking forward to the rest of our lives together.

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